3 Reasons to Increase Your Parking With Asphalt Sealcoating Services

asphalt sealcoating servicesThere is little more frustrating than heading to the store for some groceries, just to end up driving aimlessly around the parking lot looking for a space. If it becomes a regular thing for a particular establishment, they could even end up losing business.

Most people would be shocked at how much accessibility to parking can affect a company. Here are a just a few reasons you may want to contact asphalt sealcoating services:

  1. Parking space: As discussed before, customers can be very frustrated by a lack of parking. They all have busy lives and want to take care of their business as quickly as possible. The only way to ensure they can easily get in and out, is to get paving contractors out there and either create or enlarge a parking lot.In fact, a survey from the National Parking Association Industry Rate Study for 2013-14, showed that over 40% of respondents reported an increased demand for parking. This increase was greatest for off-street, CBD and hospitals, with 54% and 53%, respectively, reporting volume increases.

  3. Damage: Even if your company does have a sizable parking lot, over time it will become damaged. The problem is that water expands when frozen by about 9%. If moisture is retained in the subgrade and aggregate base below the asphalt, it will crack and morph the surface.This can do expensive damage to cars driving over it. According to the AAA, potholes can cost an average of $6.4 billion in damages each year. It’s important to schedule regular asphalt repair and maintenance to ensure a parking lot’s good condition.

  5. Employees: Your employees will likely also thank you for calling asphalt sealcoating services when they don’t have to drive around looking for a spot so they can make it to work on time. The easier it is for them, the better employee morale will be. Not to mention, you won’t have to deal with your employees being late.

Many business owners may be surprised by how beneficial a call to asphalt sealcoating services could be. You can’t have customers without a place for them to park.