How Paving Contractors are Saving Lives

paving contractorsWe’ve all experienced that instance of fleeting anger and shock that comes from running over a pothole. The swift jerking motion it causes only serves as a sign of future repairs you will have to pay for. Many of these cases can be avoided if roads were better kept up and constructed by paving contractors.

According to a report from the United States Public Interest Research Group, American roads are in such poor condition that motorists spend an average of $335 each year repairing the damage inflicted on vehicles just from potholed pavement. Overall, these costs add up to $67 billion in repairs annually.


While motorways all over the country are in desperate need of repairs, regions located in areas that experience harsh winters often experience the most devastation. Water that seeps between existing cracks can freeze and, in turn, expand. This causes more frequent and larger potholes.


The epitome of negative consequences from ignoring the need for asphalt repair services are road conditions that actually endanger lives. It’s estimated that one-third of all fatal and serious car accidents are at least in part a result of poor road conditions. In some cases, a pothole could pop a tire or break an axle; in others, an un-level road surface can cause one vehicle to unknowingly swerve into another.


Even with these terrifying statistics, some organizations may still refuse to shell out the money for paving contractors. What they don’t realize is how much money road repairs can save in the long-term. It is estimated that every dollar invested in the asphalt repair and maintenance of roads and bridges will save at least six dollars in future construction costs.


Roadways are already dangerous enough with drunk and incompetent drivers on the roads, without the worry of potholes. Dependable paving contractors have the potential to save substantial amounts of money and even lives.