How Paving Contractors Could Save Lives

paving contractorsUnless you live directly in one of the major cities around the country with public transportation available to pedestrians, odds are you must drive back and forth to work everyday. Most people also travel for extras such as grocery shopping or picking children up from school. Because all of the constant traffic that most roads in the United States experience, our roads often end up in shambles without maintenance from paving contractors.

The United States Public Interest Research Group found that approximately 45% of all roads throughout America are in what’s classified as a state of poor, mediocre, or fair condition. Those are not exactly comforting titles.

The fundamental problem that accompanies roads, especially in areas that receive significant snowfall and cold weather, is that water that fills existing cracks in the road from regular wear and tear will eventually freeze. When frozen, water will expand 9% beyond its previous volume. Moisture retained in the sub-grade and aggregate base layers beneath asphalt will cause a process called “heaving” which involves the expansion of soil. With water expanding beneath the asphalt as well as inside the cracks, it’s inevitable that the road will experience damage without the help of paving contractors.

One common problem caused by these poor roads is vehicle damage. Without asphalt repair services, potholes form and force cars to smash the lower parts of the body frames which can affect tires, axles, and exhaust pipes; all of which are expensive fixes, and if gone unchecked can be dangerous. However, the most worrisome result of these bad conditions is serious accidents. It’s estimated that one-third of all fatal and serious traffic crashes are a result, at least in part, of poor road conditions caused by a lack of asphalt services.

Paving contractors specialize in rejuvenating these roads back to safe conditions for drivers. With more regular asphalt repair and maintenance on American roads, we could see a decrease in car damages as well as serious accidents.