Why You Might Consider Paving Your Driveway with Asphalt in Florida

asphalt sealcoating servicesThere is little more frustrating than heading to the store for some groceries, just to end up driving aimlessly around the parking lot looking for a space. If it becomes a regular thing for a particular establishment, they could even end up losing business.
Asphalt is a durable substance designed to be applied over other surfaces. It represents a more durable top coat that is both easier to install, and tends to be easier for homeowners and business owners to maintain.

This makes asphalt great for applying over existing paved driveways and approaches. This makes asphalt one of the more viable methods of driveway repair.

Let’s examine some reasons you may consider paving over your concrete driveway with asphalt.

Quick Installations and Usability

When you install a new concrete driveway, it takes between one to four days to install the driveway when the weather permits. It can then take between three to seven days for the driveway to cure so that you can use it.

Additional delays may be required if you plan to apply a protective sealant to the surface, to scarify the driveway, or to perform any other actions.

Asphalt can be laid in one to two days, and they typically require just two to four days to cure. This allows you to encounter few headaches when installing an asphalt driveway.

Heightened Driveway Durability

Another advantage of asphalt driveways is the fact that they offer heightened driveway durability. The asphalt itself is a pliable material that distributes heat, and withstands elements such as ultra violet radiation and moisture better than concrete.

Asphalt is resistant to spalling, a type of flaking commonly seen with concrete surfaces.

When compared to concrete driveways, these traits make asphalt driveways less susceptible to cracking over time.

Asphalt Requires Less Maintenance

Asphalt has robust in terms of durability. The maintenance associated with it is often less than the maintenance required for concrete driveways.

Crack sealers, crack filling and other preventative maintenance measures tend to be cheaper and less involved than with concrete. Asphalt typically does not require special tools to maintain, which in turn lowers the cost even more.

A Good Asphalt Driveway Should Last

Asphalt driveways last an average of 20 years in the Florida sun with minimal maintenance and care. This can allow you to have a reliable, smooth and attractive surface for your driveway that will last through rain, snow and sun.

If you’re ready to redo your concrete driveway with asphalt, then contact us by calling (386) 362-5580. We can schedule a free consultation appointment that will help us to evaluate your pavement needs. We can then create a cost-effective plan for paving your driveway with asphalt, performing concrete repair, and any other services you may require for your paved surfaces.